LazyShepherd – Analytics Simplified

Online presence has become a necessity whether it be a website or social media. Each of the medium offers detailed analytics and reporting. With so many social media and so much data available it becomes difficult to make sense of it all. How can one get a simplified view of all this data.

LazyShepherd offers the solution for just that. A simplified, summarised and consolidated view of your precious data.We have proprietary KPI’s which offer a singular view from all the data sources. Allowing website owners to make insightful decisions based on the combined view from different data sources. We create interlinkages between data and allow the website owners to make sense of what is going on. How the effort on your social media is affecting you website popularity. Basically a tool to make sense of it all.

Fashion Central

Fashion Central is the leading online Fashion and Lifestyle magazine in south east asian region. With and eye on the latest fashion events, trends and happenings it is the choice destinations for fashionistas.

The portal commands online page views of over 3 million per month while the online community is over a million unique individuals. It is one of the larger portals that offers both online and offline shopping experience.

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Designers Central

Designerz Central is the primer online protal that is dedicated to covering the latest and hottest fashion weeks around the world. Designerzcentral has the distinction of being the online partner for Mercedez Fashion Week Russia, Abu Dhabi Bridal Fashion week and Dubai Fashion Week.

The portal commands online page views of around a million per month while the online community is over around half a million unique individuals.

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eMagazine Publication Platform

Content is King and keeping that in mind most of the brands are moving into content publishing. Online Magazine requires particular functions that are distinct to magazines and are not offered by majority of CMS’s. Our platform combines a software and a service. Software providing the requisite features while the service ensuring  continuity in publications and promotion.