Application Services

Today’s Business climate is fast, agile and always evolving. Technology has been the main driver of growth and change. The multiple touch points allow businesses to access their clients via many a medium. Each business needs to be equipped with the tools available and also needs to implement the technology Today, that will be needed tomorrow. This objective requires a development team that has the vision and the capacity to understand customers domain to ensure that such solutions are implemented which are future proof and provide maximum benefit to the clients.

The Application provider needs to know the domain, the business, the end user and the technology in depth to be able to deliver something that is meaningful and also has a high adaptability rate. That is exactly what we bring to the table.

Our application services division delivers solutions that provide our customers with the competitive edge that any organisation needs to excel in this competitive business landscape. Our engineers view and understand each and every aspect of our partners requirements and their business before coming up with a solution. The objective always being to not just deliver what the customer wants but to provide the best possible solution based on the technologies available.

Business Process Services

Business Operations have become tedious, time consuming and over all expensive. Most of such operations are not the core business of the organisations. These are ancillary activities which are contributing towards increasing the operating costs and decreasing profit margins.

Our Business Process Services manage the inputs for our customers and deliver a cost effective output which is consistent and of high quality to the customers. Allowing them to increase their profit margins by reducing their operating costs.

Businesses are transforming at an alarming rate. Constant innovation is required to ensure continuity and consistent growth. We provide the services to ensure that your business process are streamlined and are delivered without fail and with high quality.
we will work closely with your organization across the transformation landscape and lifecycle to understand your business goals, devise the most effective strategy and implement the best solutions


The mobile technology and devices have rapidly proliferated. Every one is always connected and expects the information and reach to be available 24×7. Mobility is not a buzz word any more but a way of life. It offers for faster, cost effective communication, information sharing and decision making capabilities that the businesses need to excel. The decision makers need to have the vision to encompass mobility as part of strategy while creating the organisation of the future.

The problem is that the businesses have yet to evolve a right strategy to fully leverage the mobile technologies. They need to start enabling their work force with mobile apps, offer customer facing applications and look at these tools to enhance productivity of the business and availability for the customer.

We work with our clients to come up with the best possible solutions for the mobile technology. We give them the insights, ideas, plans and options on what is possible and what is not. And at the same time try to understand their requirements and needs and fit them into the overall proposed solution.

Simply put we ensure our partners are Social, Reachable, and Mobile.

Product engineering Solutions

While consumers increasingly use technology in their daily lives, the demand for enriched user experience is driving the need for intelligent products that provide an integrated seamless experience. In today’s competitive business environment, organisations are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles,big data management, reporting and plethora of mobile devices.

Our Product engineering experts work with the customers to first of all select the most relevant and appropriate technology for the particular problem. After which it is a collaborative and iterative software development process. A process that ensures that the customer is always in the loop. We deliver the basic version and then new features on weekly basis. Which ensures that the testing and development go hand in hand and all the stakeholders are on board.

Social Media Applications

Social Media has become an integral part of any organisations existence. It is not an optional activity but a mandatory presence. Social media have become the touch points, information hubs and place where organisations can be made or broken. The more customer centric an organisation the more important it is to have social media as part of your organisational DNA.

We have been engaged with multi-billion dollar enterprises to devise their strategy for involving, engaging and interacting with the target customers.

We have developed and manage our own portals. We have existing communities with followers in millions that we have developed, now we nurture and further enhance them. We know what works what does’t in the social media landscape. We are constantly evolving our practices based on the changes in the most important social media platforms. As the platforms change the practices and activities need to be amended and modified. Which is almost impossible for organisations as it is not their core business. We work with our customers and ensure that they get the most optimal results for the investment done on the social media platforms.

Analytics and Information Management

Enterprises today need insights into markets, customers and their own internal processes faster than their competitors to capitalize on opportunities and to deliver sustainable business performance. For quick decisions, they must learn to cope with the high volume and velocity of real-time structured and unstructured data i​n different formats.
All the software applications and information going through the organisations is saved in databases. This information is a gold mine, in a literal sense it does need to be mined. The term big data stems from this very necessity. The data needs to be recorded, saved, archived and then mined to get meaningful results and information.

Organisations need technology partners like E2E that can guide them in the establishment of the whole cycle and particularly in developing applications for analytical reporting and extracting data for a meaningful results based analysis.

We have our own product (LazyShepherd) that provides insights from a combined data of the social networks and analytics. Providing a singular view from multiple data sources. We know the process, we have the aptitude and the skill set to deliver according to the expectations of our customers. We make analytics and information managment technologies as criticial enablers for the business leaders allowing them to outperform their competition.